Self-Love January Challenge.

Self-Love January Challenge.

Happy New Year!!

What a year 2020 was.. I think you should congratulate yourself on how far you've come.. [it was definitely a tough one]

I would like to once again thank you for your interest in 305IVE. As always, i'm looking forward to sewing and creating pieces for you again [or for the first time] sometime.

305IVE believes lingerie is a celebration of self confidence, I wanted to find a way we could actively explore this. Practising self love can promote not only a healthy mind but a positive out look on your body image.

To help inspire you this new year, I have created a 31-day cost friendly challenge, focusing directly on self love. You can check each day off as you go and invite a friend to join the challenge by tagging them on the post instagram or sharing the post with them.

By the end of January i'm hoping you would have your favourites you would like to carry over to Feb and eventually implement in your everyday routine.
Do you accept the challenge?


Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


Love this! Starting the year right from day 1!

Zipporah B

Such a good idea! Hopefully this year will be much better :D


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