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Ethics & Sustainability

Did you know that the fashion industry alone contributes 4% of global waste each year?
305IVE operates on a made-to-order basis because we’re passionate about reducing waste through sustainable manufacturing. We believe that in this new age, we should be socially and environmentally responsible wherever possible. This way each piece is made especially for you upon order, everyone wins.
From design, pattern making, sampling and production, fabric sourcing and sewing all done in UK and this is why at present there aren't heaps of options to chose from.
The goal for sustainability in 2020 was to cut back on the use of plastic. As a result the grey plastic postal bags have been scrapped. Instead, we introduced recycle friendly boxes and tissue paper (at no extra cost to you). 305IVE was excited to implement this change and do our part to help the environment with your help. 
At present 305IVE only uses plastic postal bags to fulfil orders which contain both lingerie and candles as we are yet to find a way to effectively post both in a cost effective and safe manor. If you have any ideas on how we can achieve this feel free to send an email or DM.
305IVE does not follow trends and fast fashion so your signature pieces stand the test of time and exclusivity will always be our promise to you. We see our pieces as collectibles and keepsakes.
Thank you all for your interest in 305IVE and helping to change our environment. 
Looking forward to creating pieces for you.